Three Dimensional Geometry


Mathematics consists of various branches and one of them is geometry. Geometry is that field of mathematics in which we study about various angles, lines, points, surfaces, objects etc.
Geometry is of two type’s i.e.
1. Flat surfaces.
2. Solid surfaces.
Flat surfaces are those surfaces which are two dimensional like circle, square, rectangle, triangle etc.
Solid surfaces are those which are three dimensional like cube, cylinder, sphere etc. In our day to day life we come we come across different 3 –dimensional objects.
2d geometry is a geometry which includes flat surfaces in which only two coordinates are present i.e. ‘x’ and ‘y’ as well as we have 3d geometry which consists of solid surfaces in which we have three coordinates that is x, y and z. Here we will concentrate on 3dimensional geometry. Solid surface is the name given to 3 dimensional geometry.
Now we will elaborate the meaning of three dimensional geometry;
In 2d geometry we study about length and breadth but in 3d geometry we study about length, breadth and height. In 3d geometry we represent length, breadth and height by x, y and z respectively and these x, y and z are coordinates.
In 3d geometry we can choose any three directions but the condition is no direction lie in the same plane so this is called 3d geometry. In three dimensional geometry we include solid surfaces like cube, sphere, cylinder etc because these surfaces have three dimensional coordinate system.
We know that in 3d geometry there are three coordinates x, y and z and no two coordinates lie in same plane it means all are in different plane but while plotting these coordinates on graph we should keep in mind that all coordinates should be perpendicular to each other and meaning of perpendicular is that angle between each coordinate is equal to 900. So we can say that three dimension geometry includes solid objects which have 3 dimensions.
So we can say that 2d geometry can be represent on paper but 3d geometry can not be represented on paper.  
This is all about 3 dimensional geometry.

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