Three Digit by One Digit Multiplication


Multiplication means a number added repeated number of times, it is called repeated addition. Here we will learn to find product of a 3digit number by 1digit number.

For three digit by one digit multiplication, first we write the 3digit number to be multiplied. Under this number at ones place, we write the 1digit number by which the 3 digit number is to be multiplied. Then we start multiplying from the ones place for which we read the table of the single digit number upto the digit at ones place & proceed to the digits at higher places. We must note here that while proceeding with place wise multiplication, if the product at a place is a single digit number, we simply write it at its place; whereas if it has more than 1digit then only the ones digit is written at the respective place in the product. The remaining number or the digits are carried over & added to the product of the next higher place.
If we have to multiply 103 by 2, we will write 2 under 3 at ones place & carry on with multiplication digit-by-digit, starting from ones place & moving to higher places. This multiplication will be simple not involving carry.                                                       

But if we have to multiply 573 by 7, we find that 7 * 3 at ones place gives 21 which is not 1digit number, so we’ll write only 1 at ones place in the product & carry over 2 to the previous place, which in turn will be added to 7 * 7 = 49 & the digit at tens place in the product will be 1of 51, i.e., 49 + 2 = 51 & 5, in turn will be carried to hundreds place & we proceed till all the digits of the number being multiplied are done.

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