Surface Area And Volume


Surface area can be defined as total area of faces and curved surface of solid objects or 3 dimensional objects. Square is the unit of area. For example: In case of cube the surface area is 6 * (edge length)2;
The capacity of a three dimensional object is known as volume. Cube is the unit of volume.
There are different shapes in the 3 dimensional geometry such as: Cube, Sphere, cuboid etc:
We can easily calculate the surface area and volume of these 3 dimensional shapes with help of formulas:
Surface area of cube = 6a2;
Volume of a cube = s3;
In case of sphere:
Surface area of sphere = 4⊼r2;
Volume of a sphere = 4 / 3 ⊼r3;
We use these formulas for calculation of surface area and volume of 3 dimensional shapes.
Now we will see how to find the surface areas and volumes of different figures?

To find surface area and volume of a cone we follow some steps which are given below:
Step 1: - First we find radius of base of cone.
Step 2: - Now we find area of base of cone which is a circle.
Step3: - Then we measure the side of cone for finding the area of cone. Its area is 3.14 times more the radius of the side (⊼rl).
We can see that surface area of cone is equals to area of circle and area of cone. Formula for surface area of cone is:
SA = ⊼r2 + ⊼rl,
'R' denotes the radius;
'H' denotes the height of cone;
And 'l' is slant height of cone.

Now we will see how to find the volume of a cube:
We know that the number of cubical units that is exactly filled in a cube is volume of a cube.
Now we will see some steps for finding the volume of a cube:
Step 1: First we find the length of one side of cube.
Step 2: We know that all sides of cube are equal.
Step 3: So if we have one side's length then we can find volume of cube;
The volume of a cube is s3;
Where ‘s’ is the length of one edge of cube;
Suppose we have length of one side of cube which is 8 inch, then we can find volume of cube as shown below:
Volume of a cube = s3;
S = 8 inch;
So volume = (8)3;
Volume = 8 * 8 * 8;
Volume = 512 inch3;
So volume of cube is 512 inch3.
This is how we find volume and surface area of different figures.

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