Simple Equations


By Simple Equations, we mean any of the combination of terms which can be written in the form of an expression. By Simple Math Equations, we mean that we have some of the terms on the left side of equal sign and some of the terms lie on the right side of the equal sign. In these terms, there exist some variables and the constants. If we talk about the equation, which has only one variable, then we say that this is the linear equation with one variable. On other hand if we have a pair of equations, with two variables, then we say that the linear equation is in the form of two variables. We use different methods to solve both types of the equations.

Finding the solutions to the equation means calculating the value of variable which satisfies the given linear equation; such that on putting the value of the variable in the equation we observe that the left side of the equation is equal to the right side of the equation.

Now if we talk about the pair of the linear equations of two variables, we say that the solution of the equations is the value of ‘x’ and ‘y’ such that if we place the value of ‘x’ and ‘y’ in any of the two equations, we find the values which satisfy the equation. There are different methods of solving the simple equations. We say that the linear equations of single variable can be solved either by hit and trial method or by re-shuffling. For the equations with two variables, we say that which we call as the algebraic method of getting the solution for the linear equation. In hit and trial method, we say that the different values to the given variable is placed in the equation, until we find that the proper value which satisfies the equation. On other hand, by algebraic method of solving the equation, the place of the variables and the constants, such that the variables appear on the one side of the equation and the constants appear on the another side of the equation and finally we get the value of the variable which satisfy the equation.

In case of the pair of linear equations with two variables, we say that the equation can be solved by graphical method or by some of the algebraic methods of getting the solution.

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