Rational Numbers


We start numbers from 1, 2, 3... & call these numbers Natural Numbers. One new member zero was added to this family of numbers & the new set of numbers was named as Whole Numbers. Then we learnt about Integers which include Whole Numbers as well as all negative numbers. Another group of numbers is Fractions which mean a part of a whole. In this session, we will learn about Rational Numbers.
Rational Numbers include all the numbers mentioned earlier & much more. We can say that all Natural Numbers, whole numbers, fractions & integers are included in rational numbers. We also include fractions with negative sign in rational numbers.
We can define rational numbers as the numbers in the form of p/q, where p, q are Integers & q <> 0.
2/13, -24/5, -43/-52, 45/1, 27/-8 are all examples of rational numbers. Even 0, which can be written as 0/1 is also a rational number.
Some important points regarding rational numbers are:
1. Every natural number is included in rational numbers.
2. Every integer is a part of rational numbers.
3. Every fraction is a member of rational numbers.
4. 0 is also a rational number.
5. Every fraction with a negative sign in either its numerator or denominator or both is also a rational number.
Thus, we conclude that the term rational numbers is a much wider concept which includes all Natural Numbers, whole numbers, fractions & even integers.
As mentioned above in the discussion, all fractions with even negative sign are also rational numbers, so we need to mention here the difference between positive & negative rational numbers. A rational number which has both, the numerator & the denominator, either positive or negative is a positive rational number, e.g., 2/17 , (-73)/(-81) are Positive Rational Numbers as their numerator & denominator have the same sign; whereas a rational number with either the numerator or the denominator negative is a negative rational number, example: 32/(-27),(-48)/53 are Negative Rational Numbers as only the numerator or the denominator is negative.

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Rational numbers include all the numbers like all Natural Numbers, whole numbers, fractions & integers etc. Apart from these we include Fractions with negative sign are also in Rational Numbers.

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