Precalculus Functions


Precalculus Functions are based on concept of dependence. For example total surface area of a circle can be determined if we know radius of circle. Thus area of circle is a function of radius and varies with value of radius. Mathematically it can be stated as: If there are two variables 'h' and 'k' such that first variable is dependent on value of independent variable 'k', then relation is said to be a function if and only if we get unique outputs for arbitrary values of 'k'. In that case we would say that 'h' is a function of 'k'.

Thus a relation to denote a function must be one – one or distinct – valued. For example,h = 4k + 5 is a function. We can check this by substituting arbitrary values of 'k' in relation to get corresponding value of dependent variable 'h'. We put values as:

For k = 0, h = 5,
For k = 1, h = 9,
For k = 2, h = 13,
For k = -1, h = 1,
For k = -2, h = -3,

Thus we see that values of 'h' corresponding to random value of variable 'k' are unique and so it represents a function.
We call value of 'k' as domain and those for 'h' as range for various relations or functions.

In pre calculus functions we do not see domain values or range values; only uniqueness of value of range with respect to domain is considered. Let us suppose one more example which is having a restricted domain:

H = 1 / (k – 2),
Here in this function value of 'k' cannot be equals to 2 because corresponding range value comes out to be positive infinity whose value is not defined.

Topics Covered in Precalculus Functions

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