Place Value of Whole Numbers and Decimals


Decimal number is the number which can be expressed in form of the whole number and its decimal part. It also means that number is not in the form of only whole number, but it also contains a decimal part. In order to find the Place Value Of Whole Numbers And Decimals, we need to know that place value for whole part and decimal part is written in different ways.
If 234.67, we say that value 234 is the whole number and 67 is the decimal number. Talking about whole number 234, we say that place value of 4 is ones, place value of 3 is tens and 2 has place value hundred. Moving towards right side of number, we find that place value of decimal number as follows: place value of 6 is 1/10 and place value of 7 is 1/100. Table representing the place value can be written as follows:

Thousand    hundred      tens     ones   .  tenth     hundredth     thousandth

Here we observe that place value written after decimal is written in form of 1/10, 1/100 or 1/ 1000 etc.
To read the numbers we say that 156.98 can be read as One hundred and fifty six point nine tenth and eight hundredth.
Putting the numbers in proper place is very important to perform the mathematical operations on decimal numbers. In case if we need to find the sum or difference of given decimal numbers, we have to put the numbers one under another at proper place. Let us add numbers 27.04 + 45.90.
It can be written as follows:

  Tens    ones   .    tenth     hundredth
    2         7       .      0            4
   4          5      .       9            0
   7         2       .      9            4

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