Order Numbers from Least to Greatest


In order to arrange the series of numbers from lowest to greater ones, we say that we are arranging series of numbers in increasing order. This method of arrangement helps us to know series of numbers in systematic order.

For making order numbers from least to greatest, we must proceed in following manner: First we will pick the smallest number in the series and then place number at first position. We ensure to cross the number from the given series. Now we will pick the next smallest number from the series and  place it next to first picked number. In this way, we go on proceeding unless all numbers of the given series are picked one after another. We find the new series so formed has smallest number as first number of series and largest number as last number of series. This order of arrangement is also called as ascending order arrangement of numbers.
We will use sign of < (less than) between two digits of series, which shows that next number is the  greater one and last number placed in the series is greatest one. Let us take example as follows to arrange the numbers in least to the greatest order.
23, 67, 35, 10, 50, 69

Here we observe that smallest number of series is 10, so we will place 10 as first number and then we proceed looking for smaller to larger number to form the series, and we get following arrangements of number:
10 < 23 < 35 < 50 < 67 < 69,
This is the lowest to greatest order of the numbers. 

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