Operations Of Rational Numbers


When we talk about the operations with rational numbers, we say that all the mathematical and the logical operations can be performed on the rational numbers. Mathematical operations that we can perform on the rational numbers are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Besides this we can even find the powers and the exponents of the rational numbers. If we look at the logical operations, we say that the two of the rational numbers can be compared, for checking if they are equal rational numbers, larger or the smaller rational numbers. To check which of the rational number is greater or smaller we need to check that denominators are same or not and smaller numerator represents the smaller rational number. On another hand, if the numerators of the two rational numbers are same, then the larger denominator will represent the smaller rational number. In another situation, we come across two rational numbers in which neither the numerators are same nor the denominators are same, in such a situation, we will first convert the pair of this unlike rational numbers to like rational numbers. Another operation of rational numbers is to find the equivalent form of the given rational number.

Rational numbers can be solved in particular order of operations, which means rational expression can be solved by following the certain order of operations with rational numbers. For this we will first look at the Powers and the exponents of the given rational number, so that the given expression is left with the mathematical operators. Now we will first perform division, followed by the multiplication and then after this we perform addition and the subtraction in the given rational expression. 

This is all about operations on rational numbers.

Addition of Rational Numbers

When we add Rational Numbers we find the sum of two or more Rational Numbers. First thing to check while adding Rational Numbers is denominators of Rational Numbers. If we have two numbers such that one of them is a whole number, then we will write 1 in its denominator and then we will Find the LCM of both the denominators and make them like Fractions. No...Read More

Subtracting Rational Numbers

We need to follow some rules for subtraction of Rational Numbers which are shown below;

If two numbers are like Rational Numbers, then we will simply find the difference of the numerators and write down the denominator as it is. In case we have different denominators, then we call two Rational Numbers as unlike numbers. In such a case, we will firs...Read More

Multiplying Rational Numbers

For the multiplication of Rational Numbers, we will first write the two given Rational Numbers with the operation of multiplication, which is to be performed on two given Rational Numbers. For this we will simply multiply the numerator with the numerator and the denominator with the denominator. The new rational number so obtained is then converted ...Read More

Dividing Rational Numbers

While learning about Division of Rational Numbers, we observe that dividing Rational Numbers include following steps:

1.    If a rational number p1/q1 is to be divided by another rational number say p2/q2, where p2/q2 not equals to zero, then we have the Rational Expression in the following form:

p1/q1 ÷ p2/q2.

2.     In order to solve the abo...Read More

Real Word Problems with Rational Numbers

We come across some real word problems, where we need to perform some mathematical operations on Rational Numbers and get the result of the numbers. Let us understand how to solve real word problems with Rational Numbers. When we are given some of the word problems with the Rational Numbers, we first need to look and understand the problem car...Read More

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