Negative Rational Numbers

We have different types of numbers which combine together to form the Rational Numbers. Here we look at the negative Rational Numbers. We know that the Rational Numbers are expressed in the form of p/q, where we have ‘p’ and ‘q’ as the Integers. Here we observe that ‘p’ is the numerator and ‘q’ is denominator. When we look at negative rational number, we say that the number is written in the form such that either numerator is a negative number or denominator of the rational number is a negative number.

 Let us look at the following examples: -2/3, -9, 5/-7.

 Here we take the numbers one by one. In -2/3, we observe that the numerator p = -2, so the rational number is a negative number, in the same way if we look at the second number -9, we find that -9 = -9/1, so we find that the numerator is again a negative number. So we conclude that the rational number is a negative rational number.


If we look at 5/-7 then we say that the denominator is a negative number. But if we multiply the numerator and the denominator of this number by -1, then we say that the number is in the form -5/7, which is clearly a negative number.

We must remember that in case booth the numerator and the denominator are in the form of negative integer, then the rational number is a positive number, as two negative numbers combine together to form a positive rational number. So we observe that -4/-6 can be written as 4/6, we conclude that it is a positive rational number and not a negative number.

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