Multiplying Fractions


When a number is divided into several parts then each part of number is called as fraction. In other words, fraction can be used to express part of whole. Normally fraction is represented by the ratio of two numbers. For instance, 4 / 3 is a fraction in which 4 is numerator and 3 is denominator. Numerator 4 expresses 4 the whole and the denominator 3 represents three parts of whole. Fractional numbers can also be expressed by use of decimal points or percent sign without using numerators and denominators. For instance, 1 / 2 can also be written as 0.5 or 50%. Here latter doesn’t include any numerator or denominator.


Following steps are used for multiplying fractions.

1)  First of all multiply the numerators of the given fractions.

2)  Multiply the denominators of given fractions.
3)  Now place the product of numerators over product of denominators.
4)  Finally simplify the fraction.


Let’s take an example to simplify fraction multiplication: Consider the fractions 4 / 5 and 3 / 6 to which we have to multiply. Then according to solving steps, first multiply the numerators (4 * 3 = 12) and write ‘12’ above the divisional part (that is 12 /). Then multiply the denominators (6 * 5 = 30) and write the result (12) below divisional part (/ 30). Write them together that is (12 / 30).and then further simplify the fraction

12 / 30 = 2 / 5.

Multiplication can also be done as,

(4 / 5) * (3 / 6) = (4 / 5) * (1 / 2) = 2 / 5.

Multiplying Fractions with Whole Numbers

Fraction can be defined as part of whole. Whole may be a number or subject or any quantity. If we say that there are total of four dollars and are to be divided into three men then how much each one of them will get? This can be given by fraction that is total is 4 and it is to be divided into 3 then each would get 4 / 3. This is calle...Read More

Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Mixed numbers can be defined as any number combined with a fraction. For example: 4 1/9 and 3 5/8.


Steps of multiplying mixed numbers are shown below:


Step 1: Take two mixed fractions.


Step 2: Change mixed into improper fraction.


Step 3: Now write number in multiplication form or order.


Step 4: Look a...Read More

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