Linear Equations


A linear equation is that expression in math which when plotted in coordinate system produces a straight line. Equations are not always linear; they can be of several types or geometries. Linear Equations can be defined as equations consisting of a polynomial whose variables are of first degree and can be made equals to zero.

To understand algebra linear equations, first you have to be sure about the expression being evaluated, whether it is an equation or not. An equation is represented as an expression on one side (left) and on the other side of equal sign we may find a number or an expression. An equation may involve finding unknown variables. For example, if we have two linear equations given as: 5x + 4y = 10 and x + 4y = 2. To solve these equations for 'x' and 'y' we need to apply algebraic operations. Subtracting the second equation from first we get: 4x = 8 or x = 2. Substituting this value of 'x' in any of the two equations we get value of 'y' as y = 0.

To graph the linear equation say 5x + 4y = 10 first you need to change the equation in general representation of a line: y = mx + c. Where, 'm' represents the slope of the equation and 'c' in y- intercept formed by the line while intersecting y – axis. So our equation after converting to general form looks like: y = (-5 / 4) x + (10 / 4).

Here, m = -5 / 4 and the c = (10 / 4). Cartesian or rectangular coordinate system can be used to graph such equations by plotting the values of 'y' for different values of 'x' given to the equation. The graph represents a line with equation 5x + 4y = 10.

This is all about algebra linear equations. 

Linear Equations in Two Variables

Linear equation is an equation which contains some unknown variables and some numerical values. Linear equations in two variables has two unknown variables. For example: x + y = 2.

These variables can be found by various methods such as by graphing, by substitution method, by elimination method etc.

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Solutions of Equations in Two Variables

An equation is made of variables and constants. Solutions of Equations in two variables can be found by finding values of two unknown variables. There are different methods to get solutions of equations in two variables.
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Slope of a Line

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