Line Segment


Line can be defined as a collection of infinite number of points. A line cannot be sketched on a paper as its length is not definite and it extends in both directions. To explain a line we must have at least two points. A line segment on the other hand can be considered as a part of line which has a definite measure and can be drawn on paper. Line segment is described by means of two end points which have certain coordinates. Thus we can say that line is a collection of many line segments being represented by pair of every two points lying on the line.

Above figure shows geometry line segment.

Two end points A (a, b) and B (c, d) encloses a segment between them and length of the line segment can be determined by using distance formula which is given as follows:

D = √ ((d – b) 2 + (c – a) 2),

For instance, suppose we have a line segment being formed by two end points A (2, 4) and B (5, 4) then its length can be evaluated as follows:

D = √ ((4 – 4) 2 + (5 – 2) 2) = 3 units.

Equation of line can also be found by using various forms. Line segment in geometry has a slope and an intercept. Slope of any line can be found as:

Slope = (d – b) / (c – a),

And its corresponding equation can be written as: Y – b = ((d – b) / (c – a)) (x – a),
Slope of the line segment will be the slope for complete line.
For above example coordinates we would write equation as:

Y – 4 = 0 or Y = 4. 

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