How to do Double Digit Multiplication?


Multiplication is process of repeated addition. Tables help us in multiplication. But do we know what tables actually are & what their significance is. Multiplication is a mathematical operation which is a substitute to repeated addition. When we have to add the same number again & again, we prefer multiplication. This is the reason tables are called times tables. But it is not always advisable & feasible to know the tables of all the numbers we need to add repeatedly. Thus we multiply.
Multiplication is, in a way, an extension of tables. It helps us to know the products of even very large numbers, like, if I have to pay for 14 balls each costing $23, I’ll prefer multiplying 14 by 23 rather than adding 14 times 23. Here multiplication will help us. Since both the numbers to be multiplied are double digit numbers. Let us learn how to do double digit multiplication.

Multiplication by double digit number is done in two steps. The number of digits in the number to be multiplied may be any. To begin with the double digit multiplication, we start multiplying the number first by the ones digit of the number by which we have to multiply. We get a product after the multiplication by a 1 digit number. Next under the product so obtained, at ones place we put either a cross (X) or a zero. This is because now we’ll multiply the same number by the tens digit of 2 digit number & while writing the second product, we don’t write any digit at ones place again. After finding the two products & writing them one under the other, with the displacement of the second product from the ones place, we add the two products. The sum of the two products so obtained, is the product we get from double digit multiplication.

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