Fundamental Ideas Of Geometry


Fundamentals of geometry start with understanding of 'point'. A point is that geometrical form which is denoted by a mark and is named using an English alphabet in upper case. Next geometric form is supposed to be a group of many such points. This form is known as line. It cannot be drawn as such and extends to infinity in both directions. If we consider connection of any two points on a line say “h”, we get a part of a line which is known as a line segment. We put arrows on both ends of the line in order to represent that it extends both ways. A line segment will possess a fixed measure which is represented as the distance between two points containing it. Next geometrical form we discuss to our fundamental level is the plane which can be defined as a 2 - dimensional regular surface that extends in all directions up to infinity. A plane does not possess any specific size or form. We usually name plane by using capital English alphabets & is drawn as a quadrilateral i.e. a polygon with 4 angles & sides. The geometry fundamentals forms are shown below:

Let us discuss some important points regarding lines, points and planes:

From a given point countless number of lines can pass through. If 2 distinct points are considered, then only one line can possible pass through them and when two planes intersect, they result into a line.
There are two important concepts of fundamental of geometry: Collinear & Coplanar.

We call 3 or more points collinear if they are supposed to lie on the same line otherwise they are termed as non – collinear points. Two lines are said to be coplanar if both of them lie in the same plane.

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Line is a straight object with negligible width and depth. A line consists of infinite points. These infinite points lie between two points; i.e. starting point and ending point. Line has no direction which is the main difference between ray and line.
Ray in geometry is a part of line. Assume that we have a line and we have a point 'A' on this line. Now this point 'A' is called as de...Read More


Mid point can be called as middle point of a line segment. Midpoint of a line divides a line into two equal parts. To find midpoint geometry we require starting point and ending point of line segment.
We can find the geometry midpoint of a line in one dimension, two dimensions and three dimensional space.

1. One dimension: In one dimension a line has two points say x1 and x2...Read More

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