We define fractions, as the numbers which are written in the form of a / b, where both a and b are whole numbers and b <> 0. Here while writing a fraction, we say that “a” is the numerator and “b” is the denominator. While learning fractions, we will learn about the types of fractions. Fractions are either simple fractions, which we call as proper fraction numbers or improper fraction numbers. On the other hand we have another types of fraction numbers called as mixed fraction numbers which is the combination of whole number and the proper fraction.


While talking about the proper fractions we say that a proper fraction is the number where numerator < denominator. On other hand we say that in improper fraction we have denominator < numerator. So we can say that 3/7 is a proper fraction and 5/2 is improper fraction.

We also observe that proper fraction is always less than one and it is the part of whole number. On the other hand we say that improper fraction is greater than whole, so it can also be expressed in the form of mixed fractions.


Now let us learn how to write improper fraction into mixed fraction. Let us take the improper fraction say 7/3. To write it as mixed fraction, first divide 7 by 3, and we will get 2 as quotient and 1 as denominator. So we can write 7/3 as 2 whole and 1/3.

Similarly we can also convert mixed fractions in form of improper fraction number. If we have improper fraction as 2 ¼, then we will multiply 2 * 4 = 8 and add numerator 1, so we get 8 + 1 = 9 as numerator. Thus it is written as 9/4.

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