Even Numbers


Numbers can be classified in many ways, as real numbers, natural numbers, whole numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, fractional numbers, prime numbers, composite numbers and many other forms.
Here we are going to discuss even numbers. Even Numbers can be defined as numbers which are multiple of two or which can be divided by two. Real number is the set of all numbers which also include a set of even numbers and it can be positive as well as negative. Numbers or integer values which are of larger range can be identified easily as if the last digit of the number is even then the number is also even.

Some of the even values are 4, 6, 80, 96 etc. and number with zero as its last digit is also considered as even number because when zero is multiplied with any number results in zero itself.

When an even term is added with an even term then it results in an even term only, when it is added to an odd term then it results in odd term and when an odd term is added with another odd term then it results in an even term. Suppose if we want to find a set of even natural numbers, as we know that the set of natural numbers is denoted by ‘N’ then the set of even natural numbers can be denoted by 2N as any value when multiplied by two becomes even.

Therefore it is quiet easy to find the set of even numbers by just multiplying it with a constant term that is two. All types of mathematical operations can be easily performed over even values and if an even power is conducted of any positive or even negative term then the result is a positive value.  

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