Division with 2 Digit Divisor


Division is one of the arithmetic operations in Math. Division quotient consists of two numbers one is Dividend and one is divisor and result we get is called as quotient. Here we will study division with 2 digit divisor:
Steps in division with 2 digit divisor are:
1.  Put the divisor before the bracket in the division and dividend under it.
2.  Now when divisor is of two digit number simple tables cannot help us in solving the problem we have to multiply the divisor with a number to get a value near to the dividend.
3. Multiply the divisor with the number and place the outcome under the dividend, and subtract two numbers.
4. We get the remainder, now check whether it can be multiplied by divisor or we have to drop down the next digit.
5. If there are more digits to drop down then continue the process of division. 

Suppose we have to divide 125 by 10. Here 10 is a two digit number.
Check the first two digit of the dividend as the divisor is a two digit number. So here 12 is greater than 10. Nearest value to 12 is 10, so subtract 10 from 12, we will get 2 as remainder. Put 1 above the dividend in quotient area.
Drop down the next value which is 5, so new dividend will be 25 and the nearest value is 20. After subtraction remainder is 5 which is smaller than 10. No more digits are there to drop down.
So quotient will be 12 and remainder is 5. This is all about division with 2 digit divisor.

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