Dividing Fractions


Fractions are numbers that belong to category of real numbers and are generally represented as decimals. These decimals can also be converted to form p / q. Where, 'p' is the numerator and number 'q' is called as denominator. We can apply mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, out of which division is found to be the most difficult one. Dividing Fractions by some number can be understood by considering some examples. When we divide a fraction, we get result in form of quotient and remainder. Solution of a fraction is called as quotient and can be a proper integer or another fraction. So in our problems of dividing fraction we will be having fraction as dividend and dividing number as divisor. For example, dividing 5 / 7 by 5 is a kind of problem we are going to deal with. Let us first see the general solution of how to divide fractions by real numbers.


Suppose we have a fraction of the form w / v, dividing it by some real number 'r' we get:

(w / v) / (r) = (w / (v * r))............ equation (1)

Dividend: w / v,

Divisor: r,


In above operation we can see that fraction w /v is being divided by a real number which can be a proper integer or can also be another fraction. General way to solve in either situation is to take the reciprocal of dividing number and multiplying it with denominator. So, in case of 'r' being a proper integer we get result as:

(w /v) / (r) = (w / (v * r)),

And in case where r = a / b, reciprocal of a/b is multiplied to the fraction i.e. we get:

(w /v) / (a/b) = (w/v * a/b).

Dividing fractions by fractions

Fractions are the figures that fit in the class of real numbers and are usually characterized as decimal numbers. Dividing fractions by fractions can be represented as: (s / t) / (r / q). Where, (s / t) represents first fraction which is the dividend and (r / q) represents the second fraction i.e. the divisor. Fractions divided by fractions is ...Read More

Dividing Mixed Numbers

Fraction consists of numerator and denominator and mixed fractions are combination of whole and a fraction.

Now we will discuss dividing mixed numbers.

To divide mixed numbers we need to use some steps which are given below:


Step 1: Suppose we have a number 15 4 / 10 ∻ 14 8 / 9.


Step 2: Convert mixed numbers into improper f...Read More

dividing fractions by whole numbers

Whole numbers include numbers like 0, 1, 2, 3……so on. Fractional numbers are actually represented by p /q form, where 'p' is numerator and 'q' is denominator. Fractions can also be represented in decimal form or percentage form. Following steps can be used to understand process of dividing a fraction by a whole number. Following steps can b...Read More

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