Data Handling


Data Handling plays an important role in getting the appropriate results of the data study and analysis. We say that handling data is not any easy task and we must always handle the data with care in order to analyze and come out with the meaningful results out of the data which collected for a particular purpose. If we have collected the data for the specific purpose, we must ensure the following points before the processing on the data is done and the conclusions are taken.:

1.      Data handling should be done with the objective in the mind, it means that when the data for any particular purpose is collected, we must ensure that the pre study of the  objective must be done and the data collection must be done with the vision and the  aim in the mind.

2.      While we collect the data,  it must be collected with the reasonable standards of accuracy. So we say that the high degree of accuracy should be maintained.

3.      The data collection should be done in a systematic manner.

4.       The data collected must be relevant for the purpose for which the data is collected. For this the purpose of the collection of the data must be stated so that  at the time of the analysis, the  analyst should not face any hindrance to get the  conclusions  out of the data.

5.        While we come to the conclusions out of the data handling, we must remember that the results after the analysis does not hold true for the individual data and it is only applicable on the averages of the data so collected for any specific purpose. So we conclude that the Statistics laws are not exact and they only work on the approximation based on the sample of data collected.

We have different methods of data handling. Data can be arranged in a systematic order in order to  predict the results out of it. One of the common method of data handling is by graphical method.  We can use bar graph, histogram, ogive , pie charts, frequency curve and many other graphical methods to represent the data.

Pie chart is one of the method in which the circular chart is made to represent the data. Here we will first convert the data in the form of degrees, with the scale of 360 degrees as the complete circle has 360 degrees and then the  pie chart is made.

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