Converting Fractions


Fraction number is a number which is in form of p / q, here 'p' and 'q' are real numbers. We can convert fractions into other types of numbers like decimal number, percent number. Let us see the process of Converting Fractions into decimal and percent.

Steps to convert a fraction into decimal number are:

Step 1: First we need a fraction number p / q.

Step 2: Divide the number p by q.

Step 3: We will follow the same process. If number 'p' is less than 'q' then place the decimal symbol in the answer.

Step 4: Quotient is the decimal conversion of fraction number.

Let us take an example of converting the fraction number into decimal number. Assume that we have a fraction number 5 / 2 and we have to convert this number into decimal number. So we will divide the number 5 by 2. When we divide the number 5 by 2 we divide 2 times. Now remainder is 1 which cannot be divided by 2 so we will place decimal after the quotient 2 and zero at right side of 1. We will divide 10 by 2. So answer will be 5 / 2 = 2.5. This is a decimal number.

Steps to convert a fraction into percent number:

Step 1: We need a fraction number p /q.

Step 2: We will convert it into decimal number.

Step 3: Now in order to convert this number into percent number we will multiply this number by 100.

Step 4: At last we will place the symbol of percent %.

Example: Convert 5 / 2 in percent?

First we will find the decimal of this number which is 2.5. We will multiply this by 100 and we get percent as 250%.

Converting Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Any number written in numerator by denominator (I / P) form is said to be fractional number. For example: 123 / 105, 210 / 350, 601 / 2000 and so on. There are three types of fraction which are:


Proper fraction


Improper fraction


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Fraction numbers consist of two numbers which is in the form of p / q. Here 'p' and 'q' both are real numbers. We call 'p' as numerator and 'q' as denominator. Mixed number is a combination of whole numbers and fraction number. Let us see the process of changing mixed numbers to improper fractions.


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Numbers which are written in form of ‘c / d’ are known as fraction numbers. For example: 5/14, 2/31, 4/13 and so on.

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