Complex Number


Complex Number definition can be given as numbers that are formed by combination of real numbers and imaginary numbers. It is represented in form of a +ib. Here, ‘a’ is part of real set of numbers and b is  part of imaginary set of numbers. But ‘a’ and ‘b’ are real numbers and ‘I’ is used as an imaginary unit. Values of ‘i’ differ for different values or for different degrees of ‘I’. A complex expression is represented in form of a + ib. Values of ‘i’ is different as i2 is equals to -1, i3 is equals to –I, Similarly, i4 is equals to 1.
If real part of a complex number is zero, then it is said to be purely imaginary number. Similarly, if imaginary part of a complex number is zero then it is said to be purely real number. Different operations can be performed over complex numbers that are two complex numbers can be easily added, subtracted, multiplied and divided. During addition and subtraction, real part of one expression is added and subtracted respectively with real part of second expression and similarly imaginary part of one expression is added and subtracted respectively with imaginary part of second expression. While performing multiplication real and imaginary part of both expressions is multiplied with each other.

When division is performed imaginary part is eliminated from the denominator part by factorizing. It includes multiplication of sign inverse of denominator part with the numerator as well as denominator. Thus, complex numbers definition is all represented in form of real and imaginary combinations of numbers with positive and negative aspects. They can easily verified just by looking at the occurrence of imaginary numbers.

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