Comparing Fractions


Fractions are numbers which we express in form of numerator / denominator, where both numerators and denominators are whole numbers but denominator is not equals to zero.

Here we will learn about comparing fractions. In order to compare fractions, we come across certain situations which can be one of the following :


a)  If two denominators of given fractions are same, then we say that smaller numerator represents the smaller fraction. As we have 2/5 and 4/5, here denominators are same so we say that 2/5 is smaller than 4/5.


b)  In case if we come across the fractions where we find that numerators of two fractions are same, then we come to the conclusion that fraction with smaller denominator represent the smaller fraction number. So in case if we have 3/5 and 3/2, then we find that numerators are same thus 3/5 < 3/2.


c)  For comparing fraction where we have different denominator and different numerator, we say that two fractions can be converted to their equivalent forms such that denominators become same and then comparison of two fractions can be done easily.


In such situations, we can also compare the pair of fraction numbers by method of cross multiplication.

We can understand this concept by following example:

In order to compare the fractions 2/5 and 3/2, we will first make denominators equal. For this we will take LCM of denominator i.e. 2 and 5 = 10, so we will write 2/5 = 4/10 and 3/2 = 15/10,

Now we observe that denominator becomes equal, so applying the rules of same denominator, we write:

4/10 < 15 / 10,

Thus we say that 2/5 < 3/2.

comparing fractions with different denominators

Fraction numbers are in form of p / q. Numbers p and q both are real numbers. We can compare two fraction numbers by comparing their numerator and denominators. Number 'p' is called numerator and q is called as denominator. Let us see the process of comparing fractions with different denominators.


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