Co-ordinate Geometry


We can represent a point in plane (called a Cartesian plane or a co-ordinate plane) by means of an ordered pair of real numbers, called the co-ordinates of that point.  The branch of mathematics in which geometric problems are solved using coordinate systems is known as Co-ordinate Geometry.

An ordered pair means two numbers ‘x’ and ‘y’ listed in a specific order such that
              ‘x’ is placed at the first place and ‘y’ is placed at the second place.  We write an
              Ordered pair as (x, y).
(x, y) is one ordered pair and (y, x) is another ordered pair.

The position of a point in a plane is determined with reference to two fixed mutually perpendicular lines, called the co-ordinate axes.  The horizontal line is called the x-axis and the vertical line is called the y-axis.

Topics Covered in Co-ordinate Geometry

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