Co-ordinate Geometry


In maths coordinate geometry can be described as the system of points used to describe the real position of object in a described plane, by making use of an ordered pair. The system of points in coordinate geometry is shown by four quadrants in the “coordinate plane”. There are two scales named as x- axis and y-axis, and these two are represented by horizontal and vertical lines respectively.
These two axes cross each other at a point and this point is known as “Origin”. At origin value of ‘x’ and ‘y’ are zero.
At x-axis the values to the right of the origin are positive and to the left are negative and at y- axis the values above the origin are positive values and below are negative values.
Whenever we represent an object in coordinate geometry then we make use of the order pair. First value in ordered pair always represents the point on the x-axis and the second value represents the point on the y-axis.
Applications of coordinate geometry are:-
We can determine the distance between two given points.
We can determine the equation of a line, slope and the midpoint of a line segment.
We can find the area of a quadrilateral, triangle, square etc.
We can examine if the two given lines are parallel or perpendicular.
We can transform the given shapes.
Terms related to the coordinate geometry are:
Coordinate plane:-  It is a two dimensional plane where we can plot any geometry by using it’s x, y coordinates.
Origin:- The point of intersection of two axis is known as origin.
Axis:- It is a line of reference basically used to determine the actual position, rotation or the symmetry of geometry between the coordinates.
Coordinates of a point:- It’s a pair of points, basically used to define the position of a geometry.
In order to get the distance between two given points we use formula given below:
D = √ (p2 + q2),
Here ‘D’ is the distance between two given points,
‘p’ is the distance between x- coordinates of given points.
‘q’ is the distance between y- coordinates of the given points.
Now we can make use of this formula to determine the distance between two given points, if the coordinates of the given points are known, and the resultant distance is also known then length of the line segment linking those two points can also be calculated.
This is all about maths coordinate geometry.

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