Topics Covered in Calculus

  • Integrals

    The integral of any function f (z) is equal to the sum of the individual areas bounded by the function, the x-axis and the lines x = p and x = q. mathematically, ∫ f (z) dz.

    The symbol ∫ f (z) dz is read as the indefinite integral of f (...Read More

  • Application of Integrals

    Calculus has two major branches one is differential and the other is integral. Here we will discuss integral calculus it is the inverse of differentiation (process to find out the differential). There are two types of integral...Read More

  • Sequences and Series

    In mathematics the ordered list of objects is called as sequence. Like sets it also consists of elements and the number of ordered elements which can be infinite and it is known as the length of sequence. Sequence is a discrete func...Read More

  • Continuity and Differentiability

    A function ‘f’ is continuous at x = p if it satisfy the following three conditions.

    F (p) is defined;

    Limxp f (p) exists;

    Limxp f (p) = f (a);

    If the function satisfies these three conditions then w...Read More

  • Limits and Derivatives

    The limits and derivatives are an integral part of calculus. We can say that limit and derivative are part of integration and differentiation respectively. In the field of calculus, the Limit of any function is defined as a functi...Read More

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