Applications Of Linear Equations And Linear Inequalities In One Variable


Linear inequality is a combination of linear expression and an inequality. An inequality is represented by sign of 'greater than' (>), 'less than' (<), greater than and equal to (≥) or less than equal to (≤).Linear inequality may contain two or more inequalities in a single expression. If sign of linearity has been replaced by the symbol of inequality then it is called as linear inequality. Lets consider a function f (x), then relation of natural numbers ’n’ with function f (x) can be expressed by inequality as shown below:

f (y) > n or f (y) ≥ n.

For instance consider the following equation 2x + 10 > 50.
In above equation symbol of inequality is used and hence it shows linear inequality. A linear equation can be defined as the first order differential equation, these equations are of first degree. Such as

A1X + B1X = C1 and A2X + B2X = C2 represents two linear equations with two unknowns.

Lets try to explain Applications of Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities in One Variable using following examples:

Y + 5 > 0,

Then adding - 5 both sides gives

Y + 5 - 5 > 0 – 5,

Y > - 5. This is the required solution which expresses linear inequality.

 To understand solution of linear equation, lets take two equations as:

4a + 3b = 10 and 6a – 3b = 40 then to solve these equations we have to add them, we get

10a = 50 which gives a = 5,

Substituting the value of 'a' in first equation, we get:

4 * (5) + 3b = 10,

3b = 10 – 20 = -10,

b = -10/3.

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