4 Digit Subtraction


Subtraction is opposite of addition. In Subtraction operation we reduce a number from other so that we get the result and with the help of it we can get the remaining balance. Here we will understand the concept of 4 digit subtraction.
Lesser digit numbers are easy to subtract then subtraction of larger numbers.
Align the numbers according to their place values for the subtraction, if one number is having fewer digits than add zeros. Put the greater number above the smaller number. For understanding subtraction we have to refer the concept of place values.
So there are two types of Subtractions:
I.     Without Borrowing:
The subtraction in which one number is greater and for subtraction we don’t have to borrow any value from other place value digit .This is a simple way of subtraction.

II.    Borrowing:

In subtraction of two digits, if one number is smaller than the other then borrowing is required.  We borrow one from the left place value digit.
It starts from right corner digit with ones place value, we borrow from tens place value digit and the number becomes 10+ the number on ones place. Similarly as the place value increases the zero in 10 increases for the subtraction.
So when in subtraction we have to borrow at tens place the borrowed value is 100.
Properties of Subtraction:

·    We subtract the smaller number from the greater number.

·    If we subtract zero from any number the result will remain same, unaffected as this property is called as identity property.

·    Order in which the two numbers are subtracted affect the outcome, it shows that the subtraction is not cumulative. 

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