3 Digit Multiplication


Multiplication is one of the fundamental operations in the field of mathematics. There are many possibilities in 3 digit multiplication. One can multiply a three digit number with a single digit (for instance, 254 * 9), or a three digit number with a two digit one (for example, 321 * 34) and even two three digit numbers (such as 340 * 543). Let us examine all the likely alternatives for 3 digit multiplication.
While multiplying, always remember to append the number zero at the end of your product when you multiply two or more times. Also, do not forget the concept learnt in the lower digit multiplications.
Multiplication of 3 - digit number with a single digit: To multiply a three - digit number with a single digit, multiply all the digits of the number with the single digit, keep track of the carry over terms and add them to the respective unit place digits of individual product terms. It is similar to two-digit multiplication with exception that one more digit is added, thus, 254 * 9 = 2286.
Multiplication of 3 - digit number with a 2 - digit number: To do the multiplication, first multiply the three digit number with the unit place digit of the two digit number; then multiply it with tens digit of two digit number and append zero (use ‘x’ as representation) to the second product as we are multiplying twice; add the two products, thus, 321 * 34 = 10914.
Multiplication of a 3 - digit number with a 3 - digit number: Carry out the individual multiplications of the first number with each digit of the second one, append one zero at the end of second product (use ‘x’ as representation) and two zeros at the end of the third (use ‘xx’ as representation).

   * 543





Long multiplication problems (more than 3 digit multiplication) are repetitive and not very exhilarating.
This is all about 3 digit multiplication.

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