2 Digit Multiplication Strategies


We say that the multiplication is the process where we need to perform repeated addition operation. So if we say 5 * 9, we say that 9 is added 5 times. So we get 5 * 9 = 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 45

Now we look at the 2 digit multiplication strategies. In case of the one digit multiplication, we will simply add the digit for a particular number of times and get the result. But it is not possible for the multiplication of two digit number. Here if we have a number 24 * 35, then we can get the result by multiplying the number 24 by 5 (which is at the ones place of the multiplier). Let this product be ‘X’ and then the same number 24 is multiplied by the place value of the digit at tens place. So we say that in next step 24 is multiplied by 30. Now Let us call this product as ‘Y’. Now the values ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are added up to get the product of the two digit numbers.

We can also use the method of Column Multiplication for finding the product of two numbers with two digits. Here the place values of the numbers are first written and then the number is multiplied as follows:
           Tens     ones
            2              4
X         3              5
          12              0  (This we get by multiplying 24 by 5, now in the next row we will  place 0 at the ones place and then we                                 multiply 24 by 3 . Thus we get:
          72              0 (Now the two rows are added up and we will get the sum of the two rows as follows:
          8 4             0
 Thus we write that 840 is the product of 24 and 35. 

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