Mathematics can be defined as a science which deals with numbers, numerical values, constants, variables, and many other things. The word mathematics is a Greek word which means study of space, change of qualities and patterns.
The field of mathematics is very vast; it includes a large number of topics in it. Mathematics is a kind of science which is used in our day to day life; it is used for simplest of calculations like from buying grocery to stock trading and counting things to complex calculations like Trigonometric Identities, roots, decimals and Fractions.
Mathematics has gone through many developments through centuries, many scientist and mathematicians have contributed for the development of mathematics and because of these mathematicians new concept evolved and propagated across the globe. Some of these famous mathematicians are Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz; Sir Isaac Newton etc. Mathematics is used in lot of discoveries and experiments like in space science, building sophisticated equipments and aircrafts.
The numerals evolved from ancient Egypt and there numerals text is known as Rhind Mathematical Papyrus. Ancient civilizations used mathematics for measuring lands, drawings, stitching, and business.
After the year 3000 B.C. complex mathematics appeared after the fall of Roman Empire then Babylonians started the use of algebra, arithmetic and many other complex mathematical concepts but the proper use of mathematical concepts was started by ancient civilizations of Greeks.
From then mathematics gone through lots of changes and improvements and now we are using them in modern mathematical concepts, so we can say that the base for modern mathematics was provided by ancient civilizations or by or ancestors.
The abbreviation for mathematics is ‘Math’; mathematics has several branches which are:
•         Algebra- Algebra is itself a very vast concept; it includes large number of sub fields like Linear Equations, polynomials, quadratic equations, monomials and many other concepts.
•          Geometry- Geometry is the study of shapes and there sides like Triangles, polygons, circles, spheres, cubes, square, rectangles and many other different shapes known to mankind. It includes calculation of sides of these shapes, calculation of angles and construction of basic shapes of geometry with and without using instruments.
•         Calculus- Calculus includes integration, differentiation etc. The integration is basically used for finding the ‘antiderivatives’ of a given function and it is the operation opposite to differentiation.
Differentiation is the concept with deals with rate of change of a quantity with respect to change in other quantity or we can say it deals with rate of change.
•         Trigonometry- Trigonometry is the concept which deals with study of Triangles. It basically shows the relationships between the sides of triangles and there angles. Here ‘trigonom’ means triangle and ‘metron’ means measure.
•         Arithmetic- Arithmetic is the most important branch of mathematics it deals with basic operations of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We can say whole maths is based on arithmetic.

Mathematics includes many other fields but some important ones are mentioned above.

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